A great BIG…


In the end there were 45 stations (that we know of) who took part in the show, more than 50 requests played, loads of e-mails and twitter messages (almost 450 at the last count) and numerous phone calls coming through all the time, we were certainly kept busy all the time!

Our Panto ‘Snow White and the 7 Little People’ was again just one of the highlights of the 48 hours along with our Live Lounge performances by Burnley singer Jess McGlinchey, our very own Ruth Stapleton and The Retrosettes who all performed with such professionalism, “a joy to watch and listen to” as someone on Twitter described it.

Also a massive thank you to my intrepid team who were in fine voice throughout, they were…

My co-presenter – the voice that is – Ruth Stapleton.

Jonathan Sawyer on news and webcam operations.

Producer Oliver Stables, who oversaw the Live Lounge and Hot Tub Social.

And our celebrity stalker Matthew Rolland who also was looking at our Twitter and Facebook feed which was constantly moving.

Mrs A to Z of Pop, Nicky who once again kept everyone fed and watered.

I simply could not have managed without any of you, thank you.

A really special mention should go out to Craig Robinson and Simon Temby from Prince Bishops Hospital Radio, who once again provided me with the technical expertise and knowledge to produce the show!

To The Salter Family Charitable Trust who have whole-heartedly supported this event for which I am very grateful.

Grateful thanks to our other very generous supporters too, and this is the bit where I’m bound to forget someone, so here goes…

Chris Stevens and his team at Devaweb/Ignite jingles.

Mr Alan Dedicoat.

Scott Myers and his team at Audiospace for providing our webplayer.

Laurence Bennett at Virtually Local for the telephone number.

Matthew Smith, technical operations, Pantomime department.

And finally to all the Station Managers and Programme Controllers who thought that it was a good idea to let me and the team loose on their airwaves – I hope I didn’t let any of you down!

Finally finally, we had a great time which is what doing Hospital Radio is all about so if you fancy getting involved with your local station, log on to The HBA website for more information about stations in your area.

A very Happy New Year to you all..