Like many charitable causes, we’re always on the lookout for individuals, companies and businesses to support the work we do.
By sponsoring The A to Z of Pop you or your company has the potential and a unique opportunity to reach well in excess of 150,000 listeners, nationwide, every single week.
‘The A to Z of Pop’ has been divided into a regular series and one-off special ‘themed’ programmes, therefore you have two fantastic opportunities to support the work of Hospital Radio in the United Kingdom.

At the end of the day, what you’ll really be helping me to do is cheer up the many listeners to Hospital Radio stations all across the country and taking their minds off of the circumstances they’re in. More importantly as far as your company’s image is concerned, it’s just a nice thing to be seen doing.

Having done some extensive research in 2019, we discovered that there are just 5 hours during the week, when The A to Z of Pop isn’t being played on a station somewhere in the UK and Ireland!

So, to find out more about sponsoring ‘The A to Z of Pop’ on Hospital Radio, simply E-mail me!